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"summer sun" out now :)

New Single produced by @Noah_Jamz

issue #42 ; summer sun


[Montreal, June 14, 2024] – THEBURBSRECORDS is thrilled to announce the release of "summer sun," the latest single from the multi-talented artist MiQ The Burb Boy. Now streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, "Summer Sun" is a captivating track that transports listeners to the magical moments of summer love and unforgettable memories.


"summer sun" is an evocative blend of nostalgic melodies and heartfelt lyrics, capturing the essence of fleeting summer romance and the warmth that lingers long after the season has passed. With MiQ's signature smooth vocals and poignant storytelling, this song is set to become a timeless favorite.

send this to ✨her✨ if you’re not like the other guys👀 #newmusic #newsong #summer #couplegoals #rap

send this to ✨her✨ if you’re not like the other guys👀 #newmusic #newsong #summer #couplegoals #rap

send this to ✨her✨ if you’re not like the other guys👀 #newmusic #newsong #summer #couplegoals #rap

I found the video I sent my producer the day I wrote summer sun😂 #newmusic #newsong #singer #sing

POV: You finally get your “flashlights up” moment on stage 🥰 #newmusic #newsong #livemusic #rap



“It’s M-i-Q, See it’s like MIKE but it’s more elegant and Burb Boy ‘cuz the suburbs is where I was bendin’ elements”

Witty bars, floating through the pockets, smooth harmonies buttering the groove, MiQ (pronounced MIKE) is a fully-weaponized recording artist and songwriter. His sound resonates and channels the greats. A well-seasoned musicality fortifies his unique approach to the craft. MiQ is a disciple of HipHop and a student of sound.



MiQ The Burb Boy is heavily inspired by the world of comic books, which is why every song is marked with an issue number.
Every few issues compiles into a story arc, or Volume, that marks an important turn in The Burb Boy's adventures.


Volume 0: Five Roses

The flowers of MiQ's youth.

A story of MiQ giving the flowers of what he’s learned so far. TRYNNA LIVE is the realization that no one besides yourself knows or will know the whole story of your life, where you’ve been or where you’re going. STAINS OF EFFORT is the realization that effort is needed in life always, and sometimes it’ll work out for you and sometimes it won’t. Some of that effort will leave stains on you, become apart of you, and sit there to remind you of where you’ve been. RUSH is the realization that life moves too fast, forcing people to always be on the move instead of just enjoying life. CHEERIO is the realization of the importance of your roots, friendships and connections. I WANT is the realization that to get what you want, you must demand it of the universe and work with it to achieve what you want.

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